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Need your input for keymap configuration


As you may have seen from recent bug reports ;), I'm currently adding
support for debconf-driven keymap choice to console-data and friends,
but need the following help for ppc/m68k machines:

* what sub-architectures are there for each arch ?
  My guess: m68k -> atari, amiga, sun, next(, mac) ; ppc -> mac, RS/6000

* how may I caracterize each of these archs ?  IIRC I was told about
  some field in a /proc file, but I'd need more precise info,
  ie. exact strings/regexps to match

* what to those subarches use for a set keymap ?  It may be obvious
  for some, as we have the amiga, atari, mac, and sun sets of
  keyboards in /usr/share/keymaps/, but as there are several
  generations of machines for some sub-arches, I'd like to know all
  that is is to know in this field.

Thanks for your help,
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