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Re: "transparent" firewall possible? *****SPAM***** Re: unstable is "unstable"; stable is "outdated"] Re: 3dmd and kernel 2.4.17 3ware and Debian? [OT] IT Support/Ticket tracking application Access Concentrator for PPPoE Antigen found =*.eml file Apache + FP Extensions (+ mod_vhost_alias?) apache and php resource consumption Apache PHP support documentation apache using more and more RAM Apache with htpasswd without htaccess apache/suexec + php Re: Apologies from TrafficWoW Auth - ISP via *WEB AW: AW: dist-upgrade on remote server AW: dist-upgrade on remote server AW: Subject: ip accounting -> PostgreSQL back-up Bandwidth control on FTP Bandwidth limiting Best mail setup? BGP4/OSPF routing daemon for Linux? Building custom kernel based off stock debian kernel concurrent POP3 and IMAP servers? configureing courier imap conversion from openbsd firewall to ipchains.. Custom boot cd, was Re: Mass installation procedure for Debian? cyrus + postfix virtual domain integration debian on a Sun Cobalt Qube 3 (x86) [Was ' '] The Debian way to turn off accept_source_route. desired webserver setup dist-upgrade on remote server Diverting smtp traffic dns to ldap downgrading woody kernel 2.4 -> 2.2 downgrading woody kernel 2.4 -> 2.2 (fwd) duplicate file exim maildir exim question Fwd: exim.conf fetchmail multidrop and nonexistend local users Re: firewire storage solution recommended Re: fork bomb protection FTP Proxy Going backwards. Re: High Speed Internet Costs How fast can Linux-Firewalls be? htaccess being ignored in DirectoryMatch and Directory ~ Re: I thought everyone would be interested in this ide hotswap raid fileservers implementing SNMP INFO installation time (Re: Diverting smtp traffic) INTEL SRCU31 ipop3d not moving mail from /var/spool/mail to mbox LIDS Linux Virtual Server question(s) LSM or GRSecurity MailMonitor for Exchange delivery from quarantine masquerading H.323 on kernel 2.4.x Mass installation procedure for Debian? Missing /proc/sys mount nfs with root privileges Multi-domain POP/IMAP server Nessus cmdline client quickstart opinions on swap size and usage? OT = just a quicky OT: *****SPAM***** Re: unstable is "unstable"; stable is "outdated"] OT: High Speed Internet Costs php4 + gd + jpeg PHP4 module for Apache? ping6 bug ? Postfix Remote Client Relay postfix with LDAP smtp authentication postgres back-up Problem with RAID1 on kernel 2.4 Problems building FreeSWAN kernel package. problems with a ppp server Re: procmail to deliver in a Maildir/ for every user? qpopper as POP3 server R: "transparent" firewall possible? RADIUS benchmarking??? RAID Suggestion for webserver recheck for new partition without reboot? Redundant Mail Servers samba and PAM/LDAP Scripting telnet client logins. secondary MX exchange? Sftp but no login via ssh SLow server SNMPD package (Vulnerabilities) snmpd vulnerabilities Re: Software VS Hardware Raid Source upgrades from potato for a fileserver Squid and FTP Squid referer config problem SSH Daemon failing Start Up Time Re: Strange problem Re: Stupid question maybe. Subject: ip accounting -> PostgreSQL subscribe TCP wrappers (syntax check) Re: That antivirus spam... TNT+FreeRadius+-Debian Traffic monitoring/logging question true x86 PCI bus speeds/specs unstable is "unstable"; stable is "outdated" unsubscribe UNSUBSCRIBE UNSUBSCRIBE-REQUEST Upgrade a mail server vpopmail? Vserver / was 100MB webhosting webmail for debian Webserver with php and cgi and suexec or cgiwrap - php-cgiwrap Weird /dev/null problem (Was: SSH Daemon failing) Re: Weird SMP problem RE: Welcome to Liers_dot_net_Liers_dot_org_auction_notification_list woody's sendmail on potato The last update was on 08:11 GMT Tue Apr 24. There are 424 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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