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Re: "transparent" firewall possible?

Well I have a /29 subnet - what I mean is that BT offer no way to have say a
DMZ next to the router with a firewall (with a /30) and the other /30 routed
via the firewall device. That where the layer 2 firewall comes in handy.


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also sprach Matt Ryan <mryan@debian.org> [2002.02.06.2215 +0100]:
> > It is a pretty thing, and can virtually be plugged in anywhere to
> > instant firewall protection :-)
> Yeah, I use it at home on my DSL line as BT (in the UK) don't allow any
> routing at layer 3 to put a firewall in any other way.

strange rule. now, how could they know? with you running transparent
right now, it seems you are a SNAT candidate. they couldn't figure
that out...

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