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Re: "transparent" firewall possible?

Its possible, in fact there has been a thread running over that last week or
so about defining rules for use in this way. The best place to start is
probably http://bridge.sourceforge.net/ as that has the relevant patches.


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Subject: "transparent" firewall possible?

> Hi,
> I was wondering about this...
> Is it possible to have a completely plug-n-play transparent firewall
> setup? For example, all that would need to be entered into the firewall's
> setup is the IP(s) that should be recognized, and the ports that should be
> recognized.
> The box would have 2 NIC cards... MZ (the internet) and LAN (behind
> firewall)...
> All the box does would be to bridge the two NICs, and perform "filtering"
> in between the bridge.
> I have something like that running right now (not working properly yet)...
> I am using the "bridging-utils" in Debian testing to bridge eth0 (lan) and
> eth1 (internet), and have iptables to do some filtering on incoming
> packets on eth1. But does the bridging in the kernel pass the packets
> directly from eth1 to eth0 before it hits the netfilter code? Or does the
> netfilter code (and hence iptables) act first, filter the traffic, THEN
> pass the data from eth1 to eth0?
> Probably someone has done all this in the past, and in fact I have found a
> distro that *sounds* like it does this, but it is a weird heavily
> customized Redhat, and I would perfer to stick with the Debian that we all
> love.
> Sincerely,
> Jason

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