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Re: webhosting

There  is a couple of interesting answers, but nothing to help me with
my  imagine, but I am (maybe) too exacting to find a real (little more
described) way to setup the webhosting with my needs.
Anyway,  is  there  any  doc  or  something  what  can  help  me setup
webhosting  by my imagine ? Below is copy of my original mail. I think
here  must be  a lot of admins with  this type of  hosting, share your
practice... maybe private?

Michal Novotny

Hello all!

 I would  want  to  have  my  own webhosting (for friends etc.), could
someone help me how to set up a debian for it, if there is better have
for each web special user or what ?

 My imagine:
 1. Apache with PHP, and some cgi could be enabled (perl, etc.)
 2. FTP for each Apache web
 3. Some e-mails for each web (better with webmail+antivir)
 4. Primary DNS server for each web
 5. there will be (for now) only 8 webs (domains) and 21 emails
 Is  there  change  to make it best secure ? So, there will be only my
friends, but I want to be careful.

 I  am  not new in the Linux, and I have this server already, but only
for  html  web  (which runs one user without suexec) and some free ftp
for  virtual  domains.  But  it  is not all real Debian packages and I
think it is not too much secure :-(. So, I want it setup again & clean.

Thank you for any message.

Michal Novotny

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