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Re: Mass installation procedure for Debian?

We install/reconfigure re-install almost on a daily basis via a local
network, which is far the fastest way, better than any CD.

if you are lucky enough to never have to do a remote install...

I have played Fai once and actually I'm fiddling with bootcd.
it does seem interesting. doesn't it.

Also jablicator has not been mentioned in this thread.  It creates an
empty Debian Packages which depends on all packages that are installed
on your computer.  So if you create various jablications for different
computer setups and put them on a local debian-mirror you just install
on a new computer the jablicated packages according to the needs of
this machine.

very good idea, but I was wonering if anyone one the list has every made a custom boot cd, with specific packages and a custom kernel image/modules (xfs support, etc.)

I have been searching the web, but not found much good information.

thanks for the help.

-chris zubrzycki
Security Is A Series Of Well-Defined Steps...

chmod -R 0 / ; and smile :)

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