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desired webserver setup

I’m trying to reorganize everything I have on all my servers, because I’m going to be switching webservers soon. 

Currently I have my websites in a “hacked up” manner.  I have the main site at /var/www, and then others at such as /var/www-sitename


Can anyone give me a good standard way of putting websites in? I’ve seen /www/sitename.com/ and such, which seems  fair enough, but I was wanting to see what everyone thought.


I’m going to basically have apache (with php, perl, & mysql) , proftpd, and ssh on this machine.  What would be an optimized way of setting these up?  And if anyone has some shell scripts or web-based scripts, could I see those too?  I’m probably going to end up developing my own one day here, but if there’s already a solution, why reinvent the wheel?







Matt Andreko


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