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Re: webhosting

Um...this here is the ISP list....aint there a users lista around
real easy...

By default, debian's apache comes with ~username directories enabled....
you can start there.... www.yourserver.com/~dude1/ should bring up
/home/dude1/public_html/index.html....thats there for free...in default

About giving hosting as per domainname, the easy way to do this is to go
and dl webmin from webmin.com, install it and go to the apache
module....its pretty much self explanatory after that... Okay...go to
the bottom and put the name of the host (dude1.yourserver.com) and your
own ip address (you want name based virtual hosting since its easyer).
In that servers document root, there should be the web directory that
will be accesed by said dude1..../home/dude1/public_html

php is enabled by simply apt-get install php4 and uncommenting the
corresponding AddModule directive in /etc/apache/httpd.conf

perl is somehow the same but its a little bit different and i wont get
myself into it now (STFW?, RTFM?)

ftp is installed by doing apt-get install proftpd and presto, each user
has an ftp account by default...you just tell them tu upload to
public_html dir.

Mail is much different with virtual hosts and i wont go into that (see

>Thank you for any message.

Im surprised you got one but hey....im in the mood


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