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Apache + FP Extensions (+ mod_vhost_alias?)

   I'm trying to get the M$ FrontPage Extensions (2000/2002) working in a 
   Debian/Woody with no luck. I tried to do it the "debian" way, I mean,
   downloading the sources with apt-get source, putting the patch in 
   upstream/patches, modifiyng the debian/control file adding:

               --fpexec-caller=www-data \
               --fpexec-uidmin=33 \
               --fpexec-gidmin=33 \
               --server-uid=33 \
               --server-gid=33 \
               --fpexec-fpuser=root \
               --fpexec-fpgroup=root \

   Does anyone have any experience with this? 

                                             German O. Gutierrez
					   Departamento Operaciones
					  Desarrollos Digitales S.A.

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