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Re: Building custom kernel based off stock debian kernel

On Sun, Feb 10, 2002 at 11:19:17AM -0500, Theodore Knab wrote:
> If you fully understand how to compile the kernel and know all the devices
> your system needs, it might be easier to get the source from kernel.org.
> This way you only need to deal with one package. 
> linux-2.4.17.tar.gz 
> I don't understand what the advantage of using the kernel-source from 
> the Debian Source is. For me, it simply adds in an extra unneeded layer 
> of complication.
> -Ted

 Well. I was under the assumption that the debian kernel source has
 several patches applied. Like other distributions kernels. So 
 using debian's /boot/config* file, I figured it'd be wise to also
 be using the same source tarball that was used for the debian kernel.

  Nick Jennings

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