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Re: Scripting telnet client logins.


I am also a little unclear about what your looking to do.  But I have
written a script that takes a input file, and will log in, and execute a
series of commands.  All the user has to do is put the commands he/she
would like the script to run into a file, and then run ./telnet_script
<input file> and it will log in, an execute all the commands you put in. 

I found it was best to use this method, because I could modify the input
file before I ran the program, thus creating a almost dynamic session.

I dont know if your interested or not, but just let me know, I'll throw
it up here for you.

> I wish to script a telnet command and would like to know if it is possible to 
> automate the giving of credentials. The service I am trying to connect to 
> does not support the TELNET ENVIRON option so I cannot do as the manual page 
> suggests. Perhaps I misunderstood but if anyone has any suggestions let me 
> know. Perhaps there are applications similar to "yes" that I can use to give 
> the credentials to telnet.
> Regards, Fred.

Alex Pearsall, UNIX Admin   
      Mobile: 860-798-6481

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