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Re: Upgrade a mail server

Craig Sanders wrote:
> i'd love to convert it over to Maildir/ but haven't yet found any way
> that doesn't involve many hours of downtime while converting the
> mailboxes from mbox format to Maildir.
> one of these days i'll have the time to sit down and work out a good
> solution to the problem.  i've got some ideas but no time to work them
> out.

Look at qmail's site. They've got some nice tools for scripting the
switch. Some will need a little bit of cooking for your specific
implementaion, but basicly it's there.

Downtime will be the time it takes to install procmail (or other Maildir
happy LDA) and restart sendmail (assuming home directories are setup
properly.) Also need to restart your POP3 daemon of course. Then, you
can fire off a script to convert the mailboxes.

Good luck!


Rich Puhek               
ETN Systems Inc.         

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