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Re: concurrent POP3 and IMAP servers?

> What do you mean with switch to maildir. Because
> I try to install sqwebmail and error like "Unable to open the maildir
> for this account -- the maildir doesn't exist or has incorrect
> ownership or permissions" . After succesfull login.
> Where is the configuration, can u guide me one by one please.
> Thx.
> aku

You probably use the standard mailbox format which stores all mail in
one big file per user in a spool directory.
Maildir is a different way to store mail, where all users have a
directory(usually located in their /home/username dir) and every mail is
stored in its own file in this dir.
Sqwebmail can't find this maildir since you're using the mailbox format.
If you have installed courier imap + pop you have to run:
maildirmake Maildir
in every users home directory as that user(or chown it later).
You also probably need to set up you smtp to deliver to maildirs.

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