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Re: Building custom kernel based off stock debian kernel

If you fully understand how to compile the kernel and know all the devices
your system needs, it might be easier to get the source from kernel.org.
This way you only need to deal with one package. 


I don't understand what the advantage of using the kernel-source from 
the Debian Source is. For me, it simply adds in an extra unneeded layer 
of complication.


>  I grabbed the kernel-source:
> gateway:/usr/src/# apt-get install kernel-source-2.4.17
>  After examining the source tree from this, I have found that it does
>  not have a .config at all, and I do not this any of the debian patches
>  have been applied. This looks like kernel.org source.
>  So I tried:
> gateway:/usr/src/deb-src# apt-get source kernel-image-2.4.17
>  This created the following:
> gateway:/usr/src/deb-src# ls
> kernel-source-2.4.17-2.4.17            kernel-source-2.4.17_2.4.17-1.dsc
> kernel-source-2.4.17_2.4.17-1.diff.gz  kernel-source-2.4.17_2.4.17.orig.tar.gz
> gateway:/usr/src/deb-src# 
>  The directory 'kernel-source-2.4.17-2.4.17' is quite a strange name? I
>  am confused by this behaviour and am not sure how I can use this source
>  package to build a custom debian kernel. Why is it called 2.4.17-2.4.17?

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