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Re: downgrading woody kernel 2.4 -> 2.2

On Thu, 21 Feb 2002 19:01, David Biro (DaV3|D3) wrote:
> experiencing several crashes. I think it's because the 2.4 kernel (but
> if not, just tell me please ;), so I decided to downgrade the kernel to
> 2.2 (whis is available in woody).

It's not possible for us to even comment on the likely cause of your problems.

To be able to make any guess at the cause of your problems we need to know 
the exact kernel version, the details of your hardware, and some information 
on what your server does would be handy (but is not as important).  Without 
such information it's not even worth guessing.

FWIW All my most important machines run 2.4.x machines and are quite 
reliable.  Currently the only reliability issue I have in any of my machines 
is directly related to a binary-only kernel module.  Apart from that all my 
machines are capable of running for months at a time (apart from power 
failures, kernel upgrades, hardware changes, etc).

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