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Re: Bandwidth control on FTP

On Wednesday 13 February 2002 13:25 pm, Greg Hunt wrote:
> I'm not sure I completely understand your question, you want to let users
> with faster connections have higher limits? How are you going to know their
> connection speed? If what you are looking for is a ftp server that lets you
> specify different rates for different users, then try NcFTPd
> (www.ncftpd.com). It's commercial, but reasonably priced and you can try it
> out before you buy it.

No, not at all what I want to do.  :-)  Sorry I wasn't clear on that.

I just want to rate-cap my FTP service at an arbitrary speed (say, 1.0Mbps) 
so it doesn't use all of my T1.

If I understand the ProFTPd documentation, it says use RateReadBPS in 
conjunction with max users.  So, to limit to 1.0Mbps use, I'd do something 

 RateReadBPS	100000
 MaxClients	10

But that will limit 10 users to 100000bps each, total of 1.0Mbps.  That is 
not what I want.  If only one user is connected, I want that user to be able 
to DL at 1.0Mbps (obviously, if he is on a fast enough pipe).

Am I completely misunderstanding RateReadBPS? 
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