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ipop3d not moving mail from /var/spool/mail to mbox


I have a small problem with ipop3d.

After a recent system update, ipop3d stopped moving users' mail from 
/var/spool/mail to mbox. Now both 'mail' command and pop3 clients show empty 
mailbox even if exim has in fact pumped /var/spool/mail full of new messages.

I previously had ipop3d with stunnel for SSL, but while trying to fix this 
problem I updated it to package 'ipop3d-ssl'.

When the mails where working, /var/log/mail.info looked like this:

-- clip --
Feb 14 09:07:30 <host> ipop3d[16394]: Moved 4188 bytes of new mail to 
/home/<user>/mbox from /var/spool/mail/<user> host= <host> []

Feb 14 09:07:30 <host> ipop3d[16394]: Login user=<user> host=<host> 
[] nmsgs=2/2
-- clip --

Now the 'Moved xxx bytes' message is gone:

-- clip --
Feb 16 23:18:15 <host> ipop3d[30143]: pop3s SSL service init from 

Feb 16 23:18:17 <host> ipop3d[30143]: Auth user=<user> 
host=<users.computer.net> [<123.456.789.012>] nmsgs=0/0
-- clip --

Anyone know a way to fix this?

- Jarno

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