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Re: Upgrade a mail server

Craig Sanders wrote:
>  - configure postfix so that "deferred_transports = local" - this leaves
>    ALL local deliveries in the queue until i flush it manually while
>    still allowing the mail server to relay outbound mail to other
>    servers for my users.
> or
>  - create Maildir/ and ~/.conversion_in_progress in each home directory
>    before starting the conversion script, and have a procmail or
>    maildrop rule which exited with a temporary failure code (EX_TEMPFAIL
>    from /usr/include/sysexits.h) if ~/.conversion_in_progress exists.
>    this would effectively defer incoming mail only for those users whose
>    mailbox hasn't been converted yet.
But as long as you have the Maildir created (along with cur, new, and
tmp), you can safely deliver even if the user's mailbox has not been
converted, as long as you're delivering to the Maildir. Although, to be
extra careful, the temp failure should be cool, since it will spool
locally. One thought is that you may want to check your SMTP server's
setting for how long a message can sit in the queue before it generates
a warning message. I know Sendmail defaults to 4 hours, not sure about
postfix. Doensn't sound like a problem with the first option above

>    the conversion script would "rm -f ~/.conversion_in_progress" as soon
>    as the conversion was done.
> this solves one major problem - i don't like the idea of having SMTP
> down at all...i won't tolerate it and my users certainly wouldn't.
Actually, external SMTP should be fine, as long as it's less than 4
hours (typical default setting for queue warning). Local users' SMTP
connections are the tricky part.



Rich Puhek               
ETN Systems Inc.

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