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Re: Multi-domain POP/IMAP server


I have several servers sitting around the country now working with this configuration (from previous jobs) with NO problems short of hardware failures...

I now use the "unofficial" packages made available by Gerrit Pape for qmail and daemontools (I also use djbdns but it's not needed for this example) The information on how to get/install these packages (and others) are at this page http://smarden.org/pape/Debian/

After installing Daemontools and Qmail, install vpopmail available at http://inter7.com/freesoftware/ follow the directions carefully! I use the option of roaming-users so I had to convince vpopmail and qmail agree on the location of file allowing "open relay" for the "roaming users" I have not used the "vchkpw" debian package that looks like it is part of the vpopmail suite.

You might want qmailadmin (very good) and vqadmin (I have not used this before) for web based administration.

Now you can install courier-imap, you will need to install from source or use the debian source package? (I've just used the tgz download) and enable "--auth-vchkpw". This enables the vpopmail authentication module for the imap server. With this module enabled as the only auth module, the imap server automagically knows where the users's mail is, as configured in vpopmail.

The only problem with this system is the user MUST login with the username of "user@FQ.DN" so vpopmail knows who to look up the password for. This doesn't seem to be a problem with the newer mail clients outlook, outlook express, eudora etc...

Much thanks to Garret for making these packages available for those of us that just don't have time anymore to keep up to date on every "source installed" package on all of our systems!

Loren Jordan

At 02:50 PM 02/04/2002 -0600, you wrote:
I need a POP & IMAP server that support multiple (virtual) domains on a
single IP address.

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