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Re: dns to ldap

On Mon Feb 04 2002 at 09:50:01PM -0500 'Thedore Knab' <tjk@annapolislinux.org> wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone has their DNS in an LDAP directory.

LDAP to DNS gateway [http://ldap2dns.tiscover.com/].

From the site:

ldap2dns is a program to create DNS (Domain Name Service) records 
directly from a LDAP directory.  It can and should be be used to replace 
the secondary name-server by a second primary one.

ldap2dns reduces all kind of administration overhead: No more flat file 
editing, no more zone file editing. After having installed ldap2dns, the 
administrator only has to access the LDAP directory.

Optionally she can add access control for each zone, create a GUI and add 
all other kind of zone and resource record information without interfering 
with the DNS server.

ldap2dns is designed to write ASCII data files used by tinydns from the 
djbdns package, but also may be used to write .db-files used by named as 
found in the BIND package.



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