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downgrading woody kernel 2.4 -> 2.2 (fwd)

I just upgraded to Woody from potato and I was running the 2.2 kernel.  It told be that binutils may play up with the 2.2 kernel and to do the following:

in arch/i386/vmlinux.lds.S  delete any reference to (.text.exit)
in arch/boot/i386/Makefile change -oformat to --oformat

Interestingly I couldn't find either in my kernel source, so I don't know
if it was for later versions of the 2.2 kernels (I have 2.2.19pre17)

I suppose just try it and see.  I am running 2.4.17-686 kernel at the moment
and touch wood it seems to be stable.


----- message from David Biro (DaV3|D3) -----


  We're using Debian Woody (testing) on one of our servers, a we're
experiencing several crashes. I think it's because the 2.4 kernel (but
if not, just tell me please ;), so I decided to downgrade the kernel to
2.2 (whis is available in woody). 

  I'd ask if there will be any problems after downgrading?
 Or i have to download 2.2 source (apt-get install ...), compile, and
that's it? 

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