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RADIUS benchmarking???

Hulo debian loving isp crowd,

Any ideas where i could find a non-to-complex and free benchamrking
suite for RADIUS servers...Ive seen bonnie++'s father talking about some
benchmarks he did (I know you are out here somwhere) and I was just
curious if the scripts you used are shareable (cant buy.... me2cheap)...
if they aint i guess its okay.

If the case is such that there are no freely available test scripts out
there, id settle for encouragment on building my own and perhaps a few
pointers on the subject (say something like...."It can be done by
tweaking or playing with bash and portslave").

I can do with maximum authetication hits per minute, i dont think I need
more than this to make up my mind. (farely simple and small setup
anyways) Then maybe id load the diferent servers with cron calls to
radiuskill and such, just to aproach a little to a live setup, and run
the tests again.



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