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RAID Suggestion for webserver


Okay... for those of you following the previous RAID discussion... I
bought the 3ware cards.

Each server has 4 40G hard disks (identical). What RAID level/config do
you suggest?
Main usage is web/database/mail server (the usual hosting setup). Disk
performance isn't THAT important, but reliability is.

I was originally thinking setting up 2 RAID1 arrays... 2 disks + 2 disks
(or RAID10), but after thinking a bit more, perhaps RAID5 with 3 disks + 1
spare would be even better?

With the RAID10 solution 2 disks could die (but there is still the chance
that the 2 disks holding the same information die), but with the RAID5
only 1 disk could die (but then the spare would kick in).

Any suggestions, as usual, would be greatly appreciated.


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