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Re: Start Up Time

On Tue, 2002-02-19 at 22:43, Kupy Lopez wrote:
> Hi. This is the first time I decided to write to a debian list, so
that, please don't hate me by my bad english and my shilly questions.

Next time you post, try not to post using html. And without those long
lines. I'm viewing this on a 24" widescreen monitor and it doesn't fit
on my screen :)

> My problem is that, when I start my e-mail server (debian potato, with
postfix, and qpopper), the pop3 queries are too long. In fact, programs
like Outlook express try to download new emails but they can't because
they get the tipical error telling that the server is not respoding
within 60 seconds. If you answer to outlook that you want to wait for 60
seconds more, the server responds. I have this problem only when I
rebbot the server. About 5 days later, the server responds normally
within the first 60 seconds. I get a similar error in an other server
(debian potato too) but this time, the server takes a long time to
respond any tipe of service query until it has no more free RAM. I don't
know why the servers respond better wen they have no free RAM. Could
anybody help me?

This sounds like you are having nameserver problems. I guess your
popserver is trying to look up the hostname for the client that connects
and this takes a while (2 minutes ??) before it times out.
These lookups are probably done because you have an ALL:PARANOID line in
your /etc/hosts.deny, which is a good thing, but you could remove this
line and see if it solves the problem. If it does solve the problem,
then you should investigate what goes wrong with the name server lookups
and fix the real problem.

Tot ziens,


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