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Has anyone gotten to work the lucent tnt lots-o-modems thingie with A
free/cistron radiusd and debian?????

How is that compared to, say NavisRadius form lucent??/ or other
proprietary AAA solutions. You guys say go proprietary or go freeradius
for the dial-in stuff???

This is a new game for me....we got something like 200 dial-in clients
coming our way and im really in a tight spot here...I want to go
freeradius but dont know if thats a good idea. Ive not much time to play
around with it either....

So, should i buy Navis (or whatever) Radius (and blame lucent if it
doesnt work) or should i just keep proving this jerks at work that
debian should be the only OS on earth (and hand parts of my anatomy to
my boss if it doesnt work)?


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