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Re: webmail for debian

> > does anybody know some webmail system for debian?

Just remember there is both IMAP and POP.

With webmail this is important. IMAP is more efficient than POP. 
With IMAP, the webmail client will grap the mail headers first. 
When users click on the mail to view, the webmail client will send 
a request through port 143 for the individual message. 

According to my understanding, POP uses a simplier and less efficient 
approach. I think that most would recommend IMAP for webmail.

An IMAP server should be a prerequisite for webmail unless you have
unlimited bandwidth.

So, do you have an IMAP server ?

My 2 favorite are Cyrus or Courier IMAP.

Courier IMAP provides the greatest performance for disk reads and

Cyrus provides the greatest flexibility and works with most proprietary
mail clients, including Eudora and Outlook.

UW IMAP is probably the best documented, but has various problems.

I have Cyrus working with Postfix.
All mail accounts are stored and managed by Cyrus.
Thus, there is no need for shell accounts for mail users.

Cyrus does not seem to have a stable native Directory Service, so LDAP 
may be needed if you want to lookup globally shared addresses like a campus

My favorite IMAP webclient is Silkymail.

O'Reilly publishing also recommends Silymail in the IMAP book.


For an IMAP example you and use: 
    loging of anonymous
    password  anyone@anywhere.com

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