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Re: TNT+FreeRadius+-Debian


Thanks for the previus prompt and great answers. I guess i should
elaborate just one little bit on this.

The TNT is a lucent terminal server product listed as Ascend Radius
compliant or Extended Radius Protocol compliant.

So im wondering if anyone has had any troubles with that on Cistron....
Ive free radius here on my laptop and on
/usr/share/doc/radiusd-freeradius/ there is a file (ascend) where it
lists how to get such a protocol working fine....says you have to set it
tu VSA's instead of the normal way to handle it....it says Ascend's a
bunch of jerks for not following the protocol but its, lamefully, all
ive got (the lucent tnt is an ascend NAS).

So...... anyone has such a beast (ascend/lucent TS/NAS)?? working on
Cistron???? I see freeradius works with it. Does cistron work with it?


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