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RE: Upgrade a mail server

Title: RE: Upgrade a mail server


        thanks to all of you for your good answers.

        The reason to using MySQL is because is more easy to admin users and to implementing in the future web interfaces......

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De: Jason Lim [mailto:maillist@jasonlim.com]
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Para: Russell Coker; Javier Castillo Alcibar;
Asunto: Re: Upgrade a mail server

> /etc/passwd should scale to 1300 users, using nscd should solve any
> there.  But chances are that changing how you look up user names won't
> any noticable difference in performance.
> The best way of killing performance on a POP server is using
> Use Maildir storage and you'll get huge performance gains.
> I am guessing that you use /var/spool/mail as I can't imagine any other
> of getting performance problems with only 1300 users.

Or he is running this on a 486 ;-)

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