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How fast can Linux-Firewalls be?


I know that there has been some discussion on the list about this, but
I could not find it:

What minimum characteristics would a Linux IP Masquerading Firewall
Box need, to run a 100 Mbps link without slowing down traffic.

What is the maximum bandwidth you can get with a Linux based

What if I use two (three...) outgoing 100Mbps lines?


The Nacional Tecnical University hired me to recently to help propose
future ICT Development.

With two old Pentium boxes and Debian, I could set up a Firewall and a
network traffic watcher within a few hours, thus relieving some
tecnical flaws of the University Network.

Debian is great!

Practically any message on this list has been helping, informative and
inspirating.  Thanks to you.

Best Regards


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