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qpopper as POP3 server

Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 (potato) distribution as base to the email server:
    qpopper 2.53-5       on xinetd.conf
    sendmail 8.12.1-5    FROM woody.  Not on xinetd.conf

# All right connecting from clients using our RADIUS service to get one of
our ClassC IPs. Note: The pop3 server use one of this ClassC IPs.

$ telnet excalibur 110
Connected to excalibur.ene.es.
Escape character is '^]'.
+OK QPOP (version 2.53) at here.com starting.  ...
+OK Pop server at here.com signing off.
Connection closed by foreign host.


# Connecting from clients using DSL or CABLE(fiber) line. Here is the
problem. It appears it connects. However the server close immediately
without the usual promt: +OK QPOP ...

$ telnet 110
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Connection closed by foreign host.

Though I am using the '-d' (debug) option of qpopper, it does not show
anything in the syslog or mail.log files due to the above try of connection.
Is it posible that the qpopper daemon does not log the refused connections?.


1.- Rejected
I have set the line "ALL: ALL" in the /etc/hosts.allow and it does not work.
I get the same result.

2.- Rejected
/etc/mail/access   I think it is used only by the SMTP server (sendmail).
Anyway the static IP of our DSL and CABLE client are in the 'access' file so
as to allow connect to the SMTP server.

3.- Rejected
I have checked the firewall between us and InterNet but it appears accurate:
    a) The line "Connection closed by foreign host." shows there
        is link between both machines; client and host.
    b) The clients using RADIUS can connect to the 110 port from
        behind the firewall.

4.- Reference from: /usr/share/doc/qpopper/qpopper.doc.gz

  9) Popper authorization file (2.1.2)

    Added authfile validation.  This file contains a list of users
    (one each line) which have access to popper.  Enabled by defining
    AUTHFILE to an authorization file in your make.OS file
    (eg: -DAUTHFILE=\"/etc/authfile\").  Mods supplied by

    Under Linux, the authfiles are called /etc/popper.allow and
    /etc/popper.deny. They just contain a list of users. If these files
    are not present, qpopper will just not use them.

    * NOTE: in the Debian package this is currently not enabled *

        # popauth
        popauth: unable to open POP authorization DB: No such
        file or directory

Any idea?

Davi Leal

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