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dist-upgrade on remote server


there was an thread about potaota/woody on the weekend, but i didn't get an
important answer:
I'd like to "dist-upgrade" our potato InternetServer in production to woodo
and i have only a ssh and telnet-ssl connection to that box.

So, what's the best way to do it?

If i lost net connection, i'm stuck. (Grab a monitor, a keyboard etc. take
it to the cellar of the box at the other end of the city, reboot, wait,
repait and menawhile i got a few hoers downtime...) 
That's s.th. i'm afaraid of so i should try to avoid it...

But how can a connecten get lost whiel dist-upgrade and what can i do to
avoid this? 

I have an other box wich ist nearly similar t that interbox in the LAN, so i
can try it there first, but they dont share  the network connectin and
config. An i can't switch boxes, the are to different.

Has anybody done s.th. like that before? With succes? Failed?


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