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Re: webhosting

El lun, 25-02-2002 a las 15:48, Michal Novotny escribió:
> There  is a couple of interesting answers, but nothing to help me with
> my  imagine, but I am (maybe) too exacting to find a real (little more
> described) way to setup the webhosting with my needs.
> Anyway,  is  there  any  doc  or  something  what  can  help  me setup
> webhosting  by my imagine ? Below is copy of my original mail. I think
> here  must be  a lot of admins with  this type of  hosting, share your
> practice... maybe private?

Dude....there are like 4 howtos in linuxdoc.org and linuxdocs.org....
real easy what you are asking for.,..its a classic case of RTFHTs answer

Now, the only shakey part is that one dns per virtual host thing....you
dont need a whole server for each. Just a zone for each of them...
again, refer to the HOWTOS


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