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Re: downgrading woody kernel 2.4 -> 2.2

On Thu, Feb 21, 2002 at 09:01:51AM +0100,
 David Biro (DaV3|D3) <dave@wh.hu> wrote 
 a message of 27 lines which said:

> if not, just tell me please ;), so I decided to downgrade the kernel to
> 2.2 (whis is available in woody). 

You use Debian compiled kernels?  OK, just 'apt-get install
kernel-image-2.2.xxx' or, if you already have it, swap the symlinks
vmlinuz* in / and rerun lilo (unless you use grub, in that case you'll
have no more to do).

> because I really hate to reset the server every day.
>   (Well, maybe it's a hw problem, but who knows?)

Probably. (We use custom-compiled 2.4 kernels on many machines.)

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