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Re: fork bomb protection

On Fri, 1 Feb 2002 06:16, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Thedore Knab <tjk@annapolislinux.org> [2002.01.31.1922 +0100]:
> > Is there a way in the 2.4.17 kernel to prevent fork bombs from crashing
> > a system ?
> have a look at the kernel patches at www.grsecurity.net. i believe
> a debian package is in the works.

I first packaged the kernel patch for that in November last year.  I have 
since passed it on to Jonathan McDowell.  See 
http://www.earth.li/~noodles/grsec/ .

> but ulimit can also do wonders...

Ulimit is that this person needs.

> > I fear the students from the Operating Systems class.
> everyone does. and every students fears the operating systems class :)

Wimps.  When in OS class I killed two major time-sharing machines (the main 
staff machine and the main student machine) on a Friday night.  The student 
machine was down for the entire weekend and caused dozens of students to be 
unable to complete their assignments on time.  ;)

I'd like to teach an OS class at uni.  I'd divide the class into two groups.  
One group of sys-admins the other hostile-users, then they change sides at 
half time.  It would be fun for everyone!

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