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Re: Software VS Hardware Raid

> There are some motherboards which have software RAID in the BIOS.  This
> allows them to deal with that problem at boot time, and then the kernel
> software RAID with the same mapping once it's loaded.

Mmm... those boards use the Highpoint chip... thats not real good at
anything ;-) Performance is lackluster, and reliability... well, lets put
it this way: there are IDE RAID cards here with Highpoint chips for US$25
with change ;-)

> > I think (hopefully) that a Hardware IDE Raid card should solve this
> > problem. I am in the process of buying a couple of 3ware cards right
> > (especially after Promise said outright that they do not support
> > and Adaptec had no response, only 3ware replied with help). I will
> > the failed drive to it, and see if it does anything, and let you know.
> I look forward to it.
> Also perhaps you should post a photo-copy of your 3ware receipt to
> with an explanation of why you could never purchase or recommend their
> products.

3ware, Promise, Adaptec are all price approximately around each other.
Even if Promise would be willing to recompile their binary for Debian, I
would have considered them... but their total lack of help means they
weren't even in the running. In these hard economic times, you'd imagine
Promise would be a bit "nicer". Oh well.

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