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Bandwidth control on FTP

I've got some files on an anonymous FTP server that I'd like to open up for
download to users of some online forums.  But I don't want to let them
completely suck my bandwidth dry.  I'm running proftpd 1.2.4.

I see in the documentation there are bandwidth limits like this:
RateReadBPS                     81920
RateReadFreeBytes               5120
RateReadHardBPS                 on

But that will limit each client to n bps, regardless if they are on 56k or
T3.  I don't want to do this; instead, I want to allow say 1Mbps of bandwidth
for upload and let whoever has the big pipes get the fast downloads.

Is there a way to do this?  Switching ftp daemons is not out of the question,
as long as it is "free".
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