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Re: OT: *****SPAM***** Re: unstable is "unstable"; stable is "outdated"]

On Mon, 4 Feb 2002 12:41, Jason Lim wrote:
> > ORDB (ordb.ORG) lists open relays, SPEWS lists spammers. Using ORDB is
> > very effective for blocking spammers who abuse open relays, but SPEWS
> > can stop the direct spammers and their hosts.
> How are the spammers going to get their emails out? Most, if not all must
> use open relays to send them out. Nowadays I think nearly all ISPs block

They also use the mail servers of their ISPs and the PCs that they connect to 
the Internet as regular ISP customers.

ISPs in Asia are notorious for allowing spammers to use their services.  I 
have been seriously considering blocking my servers from receiving any mail 
from China and Taiwan as I seem to only receive spam from those countries.

> direct sending of email from their IPs (that is, they cannot send "direct
> to MX" email anymore, they must use either their ISP's email servers, or
> an open relay somewhere). I think this is a good move by ISPs as it is
> effective and is technically easy to do (simple port blocking) so even the
> smallest of ISPs can implement this.
> Following that logic, it makes sense that if you block the method spammers
> use to send out emails, then no spam will be sent out.

Yes.  Unfortunately most asian ISPs appear to like hosting spammers.

> Exactly.. when they block an innocent network to pressure a major
> corporation
> thay have crossed the line from being a good blacklist to being a tool for
> extortion and libel.

I read the summaries of email blocked by the blacklists from the ISPs I run.  
The vast majority of email blocked by the spews list is obviously spam (the 
From: addresses are obviously bogus or spam addresses), so for me it is 
provably working well!

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