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Re: TNT+FreeRadius+-Debian

On 18 Feb 2002 19:40:18 -0600, Debian Usera said:

> Question...
> Has anyone gotten to work the lucent tnt lots-o-modems thingie with A
> free/cistron radiusd and debian?????

Using Cistron RADIUS since April 1998. Never with Lucent gear, but I've got
a mix of Cisco, Jetstream, Patton and Portslave (Linux) NASes. It's a
*very* stable product and has features not found in other (commercial)
products. Never seen any problems related to Lucent on the mailing list so
I guess should work out of the box.

> How is that compared to, say NavisRadius form lucent??/ or other
> proprietary AAA solutions. You guys say go proprietary or go freeradius
> for the dial-in stuff???
> This is a new game for me....we got something like 200 dial-in clients
> coming our way and im really in a tight spot here...I want to go
> freeradius but dont know if thats a good idea. Ive not much time to play
> around with it either....

FreeRADIUS is still beta. I've played with it but it's probably not yet
ripe for a production environment. OTOH Cistron is stable and has never let
me down from the beginning. Support on the mailing list is excellent,
something you'll likely miss with a commercial product. Be sure to d/l the
latest version (1.6.6).

> So, should i buy Navis (or whatever) Radius (and blame lucent if it
> doesnt work) or should i just keep proving this jerks at work that
> debian should be the only OS on earth (and hand parts of my anatomy to
> my boss if it doesnt work)?

Hmm... why buy? 

Lucas Heise
System & Network Administrator
Laonet Service Center
Vientiane, Lao PDR
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