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Re: Squid and FTP

On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 09:35:51AM +0200, Craigsc wrote:
> Hi All
> Can someone explain to me how I can use Squid
> to proxy / cache FTP requests. I need to be
> able to restrict FTP downloads and it would
> be preferable to do it though Squid as I see
> it has the support in the config file.
> Any information would be appreciated as 
> always :)

Squid will do ftp proxying, but only on very strict terms - it'll proxy/cache
requests from web browsers, that are sent in http-style.  It will not
proxy or cache for true ftp clients.

There is a package called "frox" (apt-get install frox ;), that seems to
do the trick nicely of transparently converting ftp access from ftp clients
into proxyable ftp connections, which you can then put through squid.  I
don't know how it would go under load, and I note that the very act of what
it does means ftp connections are slower (but not transfers, necessarily),
but it might be what you're after.


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