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Re: AW: dist-upgrade on remote server

On Tue, Feb 05, 2002 at 03:38:22PM +0100, Andreas Rabus wrote:
> And that is not the case...
> i need the old kernel for backup, but the 2.2 Kernel wouldn't work with
> woody (devfs,...), this one is s.th i have tested...
> Any work around? or just be extar careful before re-booting?
> The way to go is by now:
> - open multiple connections to the host (ssh, telnet-ssl)
> - source.list points to woody
> - "apt-get -d dist-upgrade" to download all packages
> - apt-get dist-upgrade to install them.
> - recompile new kernel for the used hardware.
> - install that new kernel.
> - reboot
> - enjoy or curse the world...
> Am i missing s.th.?

Be extra careful with network drivers!
My No 1 mistake (2.2.x -> 2.4.x) is, having a rtl8139 card, and
forgetting to adjust modutils entry. The driver is renamed from rtl8139
to 8139too (in fact it's a different driver).

Also perhaps the driver used to be built into the kernel, and you
compiled it as a module.

It is getting quite relaxed, if you have two remote computers connected
with two serial null-modem cables (com1-com2, com2-com1), putting the
console on a serial port. In fact, except you broke lilo or removed your
old known good kernel or didn't enable serial console, I cannot imagine
a case where you won't have access to your remote computer after


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