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SLow server

Hello *,
  Got a weird server problem that I could use some pointers where to look. I have a PIII 600 Dell server with 1 IDE HD and 128Mb or RAM running 2.2.19Pre17 potato. The server is lightly loaded - basically IMAP and Apache Web mail for about 20 users.

  The problem is the thing is *Slow*. The users keep pretty large mailboxes (mbox not maildir) and use Outlook to access them but that doesn't seem to account for the slowness. Top shows plenty of free memory (74Mb buffers, 16Mb cached), an idle CPU
(90-95%) and vmstat shows little disk activity and no swapping but the load will shoot up to 7 or 8 while someone opens their mailbox.

  Any disk I/O seems to drag (i.e. 'less /var/log/messages') even when nothing else is going on. I'm stumped. Any suggestions on what to look at would be helpful.

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