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Re: Traffic monitoring/logging question

Be aware that on-the-wire counting will give you traffic counts
inclusive of packet overhead, whereas counting in squid will give you
only the size of the content in question.  Don't do math on these
things, as one rather large provider used to do ;)

Be aware of media-specific packet wrapping sizes, and be aware of the
difference between "the size of the content", and "the size of the
content + IP headers".


On Fri, 2002-03-01 at 08:17, Jean-Francois Dive wrote:
> mm nice scheme. Did you wrote an RFC or ?? (uppercase must, can ;)
> The key is to the be able to account the traffic which is a miss in
> squid and this, on a per client basis. Squid have a mib which
> give you such stats, this is good. I developed an addon to this
> mib to get a per subnet stats, if you 're interested, i can send you
> the patch. So, you can use iptables accounting: using the right
> setup should be easy. The only tricky part is for ftp, irc etc..
> traffic: you need to use the new --helper feature of iptables which
> match any traffic that use the ipconntrack helper moduler XXX.
> Aggregating all these information will give you the numbers you want.
> For stocking and reporting, you can use mrtg or cricket or a script
> and RRDtool or logtrend which is pretty nice but still very poor 
> snmp wise.
> Hope that help,
> JeF
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