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Re: LSM or GRSecurity

On Wed, 27 Feb 2002 08:12, Jason Lim wrote:
> Sounds like GRSec is the solution then, especially since it seems to
> integrate into an existing environment far better than the alternative.
> Do you know of any Debian-specific documentation or configuration notes
> for your GRSec, so I can read up on the steps necessary or any parameters
> that need to be configured, etc.?

I got the base functionality working on my systems without any problems, so I 
never felt it necessary to write any documentation.

I never completed packaging the Oblivion (ACL) management programs so that's 
a problematic area (but you don't really need it).

Just give it a go on a test machine, once you see how easy it is you'll just 
put it on all machines!

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