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Re: Traffic monitoring/logging question

On Mit, 27 Feb 2002, Auke Rensen wrote:

> For our company's shared internet connection, I'm looking for a utility to 
> monitor and log the generated traffic over the internet connection.
> As you can see there are two LAN's connected to a firewall/proxy server.
> The firewall uses IPTables, DNAT and SNAT.

Maybe ipac-ng is suitable for you

The output can be text:
# ipacsum -t today -f all
IP accounting summary
Host: hopi / Time created: 2002/02/27 17:16:47 CE
Data from 2002/02/27 00:00:00 CE to 2002/02/27 17:16:47 CE
  total in all                                    :            701M
  total out all                                   :           2053M

or graphics:
(sorry german)

	Noèl Köthe

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