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Re: unstable is "unstable"; stable is "outdated"

> >
> > This paritions the dependancies, making it all easier to manage,
> > the release cycle and potentialy allowing people to mix-n-match
> > with unstable-gnome if they wish.
> So do you mean that these sub-distros don't have any dependencies on any
> packages within the other sub-distros?

I think that is what he means... that you could throw a hybrid system

For example... most ISPs would probably want the most up to date apache
and proftpd (or whatever your combination is). They don't really care to
have the most up to date compilers or libraries or anything else... only
what is required to get the latest apache and proftpd.

I can see a problem in this idea though, as many packages have cross
depedancies. EG. apache needs library A version 2, while proftpd needs
library A version 3. How would that be handled? Upgrading to libarary A
version 3 might break apache...

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