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Re: ide hotswap raid fileservers

kuch ...kuch...kuch :) ....my god..14.450 dollars (that's 16513,46
eurod) for 920gb...

eh..let me see...

1500 rack
3453 14x120 = 840 in raid 01
1200 2 3ware escalade 7000 ide raid controller
1000 mobo/mem/2 hd's for os and small stuff...

total costs: 7153 euro which is 6161,07 dollar...

ah well.....change to raid5 or take 160gb's....


At 01:30 PM 2/20/2002 +0100, Mark Janssen wrote:
On Wed, 2002-02-20 at 22:21, Frank Nijenhuis wrote:
> Is there anyone on this list with experience in setting up large fileservers?
> The mobo  has 2 64bits pci slots which are supported by the 3ware cards,
> the ide hotspare removables have to support udma 100 ..but for now my main
> question is....is this going to work..the setup of an ide raid config with
> almost a terabyte in storage in raidconfig..
> anyone anyidea if there are complete solutions for sale on the market based
> on such configuration? Or are there ppl actuall running this kind of
> hardware under debian?

If you open up a copy of Linux-Journal you'll see an add from raidzone.
They've been selling 1 TB IDE-RAID systems for more then a year.
ANd the price isn't too bad either (I dunno what your idea adds up to)

I've never used their systems (yet) but it seems interesting.
Check them out on www.raidzone.com

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