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*****SPAM***** Re: unstable is "unstable"; stable is "outdated"]


Thank you for telling me.

Unfortunately, Spews and OSIRUS (they use Spews' list, so essentially the
same applies) have listed many ISPs in Hong Kong and around Asia, meaning
many of us over here are blocked from sending emails to the USA if a
company uses Spews.

That is why we suggest that businesses use ORDB (http://www.ordb.com) as
it blocks most spam, but ONLY blocks spam and very rarely legitimate
emails (we use this list for our personal emails too). Spews is supposedly
"early warning", hence if the owner of Spews "thinks" there "may" be spam
coming from a certain place, they block if off first, whether or not spam
will really come through there or not. ORDB, on the other hand, uses
automated testing to block mail servers, rather than rely on the decision
of one or two unaccountable people with their own ideas.

Telstra in Australia, PCCW (Pacific Century Cyberworks/ Hong Kong
Telecom), Singtel, and others in Asia have many netblocks listed in Spews.
Sprint is also has large chunks of netblocks blocked. We used it before
and had too much legitimate business email blocked.

So, again, thanks for telling me, but there is little I can do to unblock
Asian ISPs. Spews is unaccountable to anyone and no one can contact them
(which they say on their website). They have banged heads with many ISPs
in Asia... maybe the owner of Spews is "overly patriotic" to  the USA to
the point of being racist (but I'll leave that discussion there).


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may be it is of interest to you, that the mailservers of your provider are
a anti-spam list. If not, just delete this mail. Discovered it, when my
spamassassin caugth your email.

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