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Re: SNMPD package (Vulnerabilities)

On Thu, Feb 14, 2002 at 10:12:34AM +0100, James wrote:
> For potato (?) of course.

This should be pretty trivial..

Since you're in potato, it might be easier to simply download the 3 
source files from the /pool directory on a debian mirror. There will be 
a .dsc file, a .diff file and a .orig.tar.gz file :)

dpkg-source -x snmp-4.3.2_2.dsc (or whatever the filename is)

cd snmp-4.3.2
debian/rules binary-arch

It should tell you if you're missing any packages to complete the 
compile :)

This is a common procedure, e.g. I use it to build recent samba packages 
for potato..


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