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Re: firewire storage solution recommended

On Mon, Feb 18, 2002 at 02:24:09AM +0800, Patrick Hsieh wrote:
> Hello "Thomas R. Shemanske" <trs@hecke.dartmouth.edu>,
> I bought Datafab MD2-FW-USB External 2.5 IDE HDD Enclosure today and
> successfully work in my debian notebook.
> My question is-- is it possible to use 1394 HUB to connect some 1394
> storage device and some Linux servers and make it a 1394-based NAS
> environment? Can two Linux servers mount the same 1394 storage device
> and access at the same time?

If the question is "can two hosts access the same 1394 device at the
same time ?", the answaer is probably yes, as long as everything is
eletrically set up properly, and that drivers/firmwares support that
kind of things.

But if question is "can two hosts mount the same 1394 device (in R/W
mode) at the same time ?", the answer is definetly no. At least with
"conventional" FS (ext2/3, fat, etc.), for various reasons, including
: kernel level read/write cache, which can assume things about what's
on the drive and what's not (yet), no locking, etc.

Axialys Interactive

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