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Re: exim question

At 6:30 PM -0600 2/20/02, Bernie Berg wrote:
im running potato with the unstable packages. How do I get exim to spit all mail that there isn't a user defined for to a certain mail box? so "whatever_anyone_types_here@domain.com" goes to "me@domain.com"

1. An alias file:

  driver             = aliasfile
  file               = /etc/aliases
  file_transport     = address_file
  search_type        = lsearch*@
  include_domain     = true

where /etc/aliases contains:

*@domain.com: me@domain.com

2. A catch all at the end of the director chain (after localuser):

  driver             = smartuser
  domains            = domain.com
  new_address        = me@domain.com

-- Ward

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